Born On Purpose



Pastor Steve Intro PicWhat a wonderful time to serve the Lord! We could have been born at any other time in history and sometimes as I ponder our current world and nation I wish I had been born at another time. However, the date of our birth and the span of our life and even the date of our death is God’s decision and He always knows best. For whatever reason I was born when I was born and I live my life in the era of time of His choosing. I have a purpose in this world and so do you, we are not accidents but we are here by Divine appointment. This week I will probably be a grandpa again for the second time. I have a wonderful granddaughter and now am excited to be waiting for the call from my daughter that my grandson has arrived from heaven. Sometimes I fear what all these precious grandchildren will have to face in this world, but I then am reminded that God has brought them to this time frame just as he did mine. Above and beyond all I am thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the hope that we have in Him! So come on phone ring….I’m ready to go to Houston where my grandson will make his debut!!!


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